Enrolment: Amount and Payment

Calculation of the amount

Calculation of the enrolment amount payable by each student is performed automatically at the time of enrolment application.

This amount is the result of multiplying the number of credits by the price per credit (approved by the Social Council), in accordance with the attached table. The fee of the enrolment will be added to this result. (€30.00).


Method of payment

1. If payment is made by the enrolled person:

a) With a personalised promissory note issued on formalising the enrolment. These promissory notes will be deposited with the bank specified. The savings bank will stamp and validate the deposit made through a promissory note. The original of the promissory note will be sent to the University's Own Degree Courses Unit. Each student will keep a copy as a receipt for payment.

b) Online through a payment gateway (using online banking or a credit car).

c) Bank transfer. Once payment has been made, a receipt must be sent to the University's Own Degree Courses Unit to the following e-mail address: masteresyposgradospropios@ehu.eus.

Any fees as a consequence of this procedure will be payable by the enrolled person and cannot be deducted from the amount of the enrolment. As a consequence, the Own Degrees Section must receive the exact amount of the enrolment.

2. If the payment is made by a company or entity on behalf of the enrolled person:

In this case, both the name of the entity or company as well as the student's name must be specified on making the deposit or transfer at the bank shown below.

No enrolment invoice is issued. If payment is made by an entity or company, this must be shown as the payer of the transfer. A certificate will be issued on request by the student. The application must specify the name of the company, Corporate Tax Code, as well as address to which the aforementioned certification is to be sent.


Payment Account

KUTXABANK No. 20950292923239008657
IBAN: ES8820950292923239008657



Payment of the established prices may be made in one go at the time to formalize the registration, or in two terms that will be entered the first when formalizing the registration (30%) and the second in January or March (70%), in attention to the economic situation derived from the COVID-19 epidemic.

If the enrolment fee is in excess of €600 it may be paid in two instalments of 50% each, the first of which is due at the time of enrolment. The second instalment falls due as follows:

  • For enrolments in 2020: 4-10 January 2021
  • For enrolments in 2021: 29 March-4 April 2021


Exemption and reduction of public prices

  • 50% exemption of the enrolment fee for members of large families (general category)

  • Full exemption for members of large families (special category)
    The status of large family will be substantiated through a certified photocopy or a photocopy and original, for verification purposes, of the official entitlement issued by the Regional Council or corresponding Organisation, and which must be in force. If said entitlement has expired, the large family benefits will only be given to those that can provide justification showing that the renewal of this entitlement is in progress.

  • Full exemption for victims of terrorist acts, as well as their spouses and children
    The status of victim of terrorist acts will be substantiated through a certificate issued by the Deputy Directorate General of Citizen Care and Assistance to Victims of Terrorism of the Ministry of the Interior or, where appropriate, a ruling that gives protection under the Aid to Victims of Terrorism Programme.

  • Full exemption for students that are disabled to a degree equal to or greater than 33% as declared by the competent body
    This status will be substantiated through a certificate issued by the Regional Council or corresponding Organisation.