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Pre-enrolment, admission and place reservation

Pre-enrolment, admission and place reservation for University Master’s degrees (2022-2023 academic year)


Enrolment period: Extended the deadline for pre-enrolment in some master's degrees, until May 20, 22
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Pre-enrolment should be carried out ONLINE through the SARBIDEA application; candidates can choose up to 3 Master’s degree courses. It is very important to sort your chosen courses into the correct order of priority, since this order will be the one taken into account when assigning places.

You can modify your pre-enrolment data and documents in the online application right up to the end of the pre-enrolment period.

Documents required:

Documents should be uploaded through the online application.

General documents:

  • ID card, residence card, national identity card or passport (obligatory, except for UPV/EHU students).
  • Certificate: Undergraduate, Architecture, Engineering, Diploma, Technical Architecture or Technical Engineering, providing you have completed the course in question when pre-enrolling.
  • Transcript, indicating the grades taken in all exams for all subjects in the degree course (obligatory, except for UPV/EHU students).
  • Applicants may, if they wish, enclose other documents: assignments, papers or publications; language certificates; letters of recommendation, etc.

In addition to the documents outlined above, students with foreign degrees that have not been officially recognised must also submit:

  • A degree qualification issued by a university in an EHEA country:
    • Sworn translation into one of the official languages of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (Spanish or Basque) of the following documents: degree certificate, transcript and document accrediting that said degree provides access to a Master’s degree course. No sworn translation is required if said documents are in English.
    • If the university does not belong to a country in the European Union, applicants must also submit (in addition to the documents outlined above) their legalised certificate through diplomatic channels.
  • If their degree qualification has been issued by a university outside the EHEA:
    • They must also submit written authorisation for pursuing Master’s studies at the UPV/EHU from the UPV/EHU Postgraduate Commission, or justification of having requested said authorisation.
      Procedure and required documents

Exceptionally, undergraduate students who are not yet in a position to request their degree certificate may apply for admission onto a Master’s degree. To do so, they must pre-enrol and be included in the selection process, in accordance with that outlined in the Admission section.

Candidates opting to access through the quota for people with disabilities must submit the necessary documents to the following address: within the pre-enrolment period.

The average grade on an applicant’s record or transcript at pre-enrolment will be used to calculate their access grade. If an applicant does not submit a transcript or personal academic record, the grade used will be a 5. In the case of students from the UPV/EHU, it will be the grade as calculated on 14 May, 2022.

In the case of the following Master's courses, obligatory subjects will be taught in Spanish and Basque. Applicants should therefore complete the language selection document (doc, 216 Kb), stating their language of choice, and should send it, along with the other documents required, when pre-enrolling:

  • Architecture
  • Development and International Cooperation
  • General Health Psychology
  • Globalisation and Development
  • Law

If you have any problems, please contact the secretariat of the Master's degree on which you wish to enrol. Their contact details are provided on the website of the corresponding Master's degree course.




3 rounds of offers will be made on the dates established in the pre-enrolment and enrolment calendar for 2022-2023: 22 June, 12 July and 5 September. Offers will be made on the basis of the situation of the transcripts pertaining to each candidate on each of the dates. The order of priority for each round of offers will be as follows:

  • 1: graduates and undergraduate students who will be defending their graduation project during the current academic year (enrolment complete).
  • 2: undergraduate students who have yet to earn up to 9 credits and have yet to pass their graduation project this academic year (enrolment complete).
  • 3: undergraduate students who have yet to earn more than 9 credits and have yet to pass their graduation project this academic year (enrolment complete).

Students whose situation changes between the moment they formalise their pre-enrolment and the date established for each round of offers should submit their updated transcript and, where appropriate, their degree certificate or receipt of issue request, to the following address: so that the modified information can be taken into account during the selection process.

In all cases, priority will be given to applicants in possession of an official university undergraduate degree qualification.

Places will be awarded in accordance with the established order of priority, bearing in mind the access grade awarded by the academic commissions of each Master’s degree course and the order of preference indicated by applicants for each of the Master’s degrees for which they pre-enrolled. Applicants will be offered a place on the first of their priority options to which their access grade affords admission.

Successful candidates will receive an e-mail indicating the status of their application.

Dates on which application status can be checked:

  • Phase 1: 6 July 2022
  • Phase 2: 20 July 2022
  • Phase 3: 9 September 2022

Applicants awarded a place on their first-choice Master’s degree will not be included in subsequent rounds of offers.

Applicants awarded a place on their second or third-choice Master’s degree should reserve said place if they are still interested. However, they will be included in subsequent rounds of offers in the event of their gaining entrance onto their preferred choice of degree.

Applicants may check their pre-enrolment status (accepted, excluded or on waiting list) through the following link: status of the pre-registration.

Place reservations

To enrol on a Master’s degree course, successful candidates must reserve a place by following the instructions given in the e-mail containing the offer. The deadlines for this are as followed:

  • 1st round of offers: from 6 to 11 July
  • 2nd round of offers: from 20 to 26 July
  • 3rd round of offers: from 9 to 13 September

Places should be reserved ONLINE, through the same application as that used for pre-enrolment (SARBIDEA).

For those Master’s courses for which a reservation fee must be paid, students must pay said fee in order to reserve their place. The reservation fee will be subtracted from the sum of the total fees. In the event of the student not formalising their enrolment, the sum of this fee will not be refunded, except when failure to enrol is due to the candidate not fulfilling the access and/or admission requirements.

Successful candidates who reserve their place should then begin the enrolment process. Enrolment is carried out at the Secretariat of the Department running the Master’s degree in question. To enrol, students must present original documents and photocopies for comparison, or, alternatively, certified photocopies. For more information about the procedure for presenting said documents, please contact the corresponding Secretariat.

The address, email and phone number of these secretariats can be found on the website of each Master's course.

Students who do not pre-enrol before the established deadline may request admission and formalise their enrolment after 16 September, if admitted onto Master’s degree that still have vacancies at that time. Anyone interesting in doing this should contact the Secretariat of the Department in question.