Enrolment on a Master's course

Students enrolling on an official Master's course for the first time

Enrolment periods:

  • Until July 31, 2024.
  • From 26 July onwards, if any free places are left on any Master’s degrees, interested candidates may submit an application directly to the secretariat of the faculty running the course. In such cases, enrolment must be completed by the deadline established by said faculty.

Within said deadlines, candidates may enrol on the dates established by the Faculty running the Master’s degree and published on its website.

Candidates who have no more than 9 credits yet to earn and/or their graduation project to yet pass in order to complete their degree may enrol on Master’s courses that accept provisional enrolment.

Candidates with a foreign qualification must have earned their degree before they will be allowed to enrol.

Students who have enrolled on an official Master's course in previous years

Enrolment must be carried out online in September 2024, through the self-enrolment process. The day on which you should formalise your enrolment will be published on the UPV/EHU website. If you fail to formalise your enrolment on the appointed day, you will be able to formalise it later on, providing it is within the established enrolment period, but you will no longer have priority for choosing optional subjects.

For the following Master’s courses, candidates should enrol at the department secretariat during the established periods:

NOTE: If you have any subjects that have not yet been evaluated when formalising your enrolment, you will need to enrol on them once again. Please note, however, that once these subjects have been evaluated, even if you pass them, the enrolment will NOT be automatically modified. You should therefore contact the Master's secretariat in order to carry out the necessary modifications.