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Enrolment on a Master's course

Students enrolling on an official Master's course for the first time

Enrolment period:

There will be three rounds of offers, and therefore three dates on which offers will be made (see Admission):

  • Phase 1: 06/07/2022
  • Phase 2: 20/07/2022
  • Phase 3: 09/09/2022

To enrol, candidates who have been offered a place must reserve their place by following the instructions given in the email they will have received. They must do so within the periods outlined below (see Place reservation):

  • 1st round of offers: from 6 to 11 July
  • 2nd round of offers: from 20 to 26 July
  • 3rd round of offers: from 9 to 13 September

Depending on when they have been offered a place, enrolment periods are as follows: 

From 6 to 29 July, 2022:

For anyone who has reserved a place on their first-choice Master’s degree and already has their undergraduate degree qualification or has only to defend their graduation project in order to finish their undergraduate degree (consult with the Faculty in question regarding the possibility of enrolling after this deadline but before the start of September). Only students in possession of an undergraduate degree qualification may enrol on Master’s courses that do not accept conditional enrolment.

From 9 to 15 September:

For students holding an undergraduate degree or who met the criteria for conditional enrolment (i.e., those who are priority 2) on those Master’s degrees that accept this option and who have not yet formalised their enrolment or who need to enrol again due to having been accepted afterwards on another Master’s degree that was higher up on their list of preferences. Only students in possession of an undergraduate degree qualification may enrol on Master’s courses that do not accept conditional enrolment.

From 16 September onwards:

The following people may enrol on those Master’s courses which still have free places:

  • Anyone who did not pre-enrol.
  • Anyone who has a foreign qualification from outside the EHEA that has not been officially recognised and who was not included in the previous rounds of offers due to not having requested authorisation to study a Master’s degree at the UPV/EHU within the pre-enrolment period, providing said authorisation has been obtained subsequently.

To enrol, please contact the secretariat of the department responsible for the Master’s course in question.

NOTE: You do not have to wait until 16 September to enrol on those Master’s courses in which there are free spaces before that date. This information will be published on the website. Interested parties should contact the secretariat of the department responsible for the Master’s course in question.

Where to enrol:

At the Secretariat of the department running the Master's course.

Documents required:

General documents for all students:

  • ID card, residence card, national identity card or passport (obligatory, except for UPV/EHU students).
  • Certified copy or photocopy and original (for comparison purposes) of your Undergraduate, Architecture or Engineering, Degree Certificate, Diploma, Technical Architecture or Technical Engineering Degree Certificate or certificate request slip. If the certificate is written in a language other than Spanish, Basque or English, then you must also submit a sworn translation of the contents.
  • If you have not yet completed your undergraduate degree, you will need to provide your Personal Academic Certificate indicating all credits earned and those still pending.
  • A passport-size photograph of yourself.
  • Documents attesting to your right to pay reduced public fees, or your exemption from paying said fees (where appropriate).
  • Prior qualification recognition commitment, in the case of Erasmus students.


In addition to the documents outlined above, students with foreign degrees that have not been officially recognised must also submit:

  • A degree qualification issued by a university in an EHEA country:
    • Sworn translation into one of the official languages of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (Spanish or Basque) of the following documents: degree certificate, transcript and document accrediting that said degree provides access to a Master’s degree course. No sworn translation is required if said documents are in English.
    • If the university does not belong to a country in the European Union, applicants must also submit (in addition to the documents outlined above) their legalised certificate through diplomatic channels.
  • If their degree qualification has been issued by a university outside the EHEA:
  • Applicants must also submit written authorisation for pursuing Master’s studies at the UPV/EHU from the UPV/EHU Postgraduate Commission.
  • Their degree certificate, legalised through diplomatic channels.

Students who have enrolled on an official Master's course in previous years

Enrolment must be carried out online from 7 to 30 September 2022, through the self-enrolment process. The day on which you should formalise your enrolment will be published on the UPV/EHU website. If you fail to formalise your enrolment on the appointed day, you will be able to formalise it later on, providing it is within the established enrolment period, but you will no longer have priority for choosing optional subjects.

For the following Master’s courses, candidates should enrol at the department secretariat during the established periods:

NOTE: If you have any subjects that have not yet been evaluated when formalising your enrolment, you will need to enrol on them once again. Please note, however, that once these subjects have been evaluated, even if you pass them, the enrolment will NOT be automatically modified. You should therefore contact the Master's secretariat in order to carry out the necessary modifications.