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Management regulations for master's degrees

Chapter V. Economic management

Management Regulations for University Master’s Degrees

Article 25.- Establishing an ORGANIC ACCOUNT..

1.- Whenever it is informed that a new university Master’s degree is to be taught, the Master’s and Doctoral Department directs the Accounting Service to open a new ORGANIC ACCOUNT to manage the corresponding expenses.

This ORGANIC ACCOUNT will depend on the ORGANIC ACCOUNT corresponding to the Faculty in which the new degree is to be taught.

2.- The people responsible for these organic accounts will be those established by the UPV/EHU’s economic regulations.


Section I. Income management

Article 26.- Managing income.

Each university Master’s degree organic account will be assigned a budget for covering the expenses associated with the degree course, calculated in accordance with a series of parameters. Any subsidies achieved through external calls throughout the year will be assigned to and incorporated into the income budget of the Master’s course.

Article 27.- Managing subsidy payments.

When the faculty members responsible for the Master’s degree sign a subsidy agreement with a public or private entity, they must request that said entity pay the corresponding amount into the UPV/EHU's general budget account. They must then inform the Faculty running the Master’s degree of this event, providing the formal documents attesting to the granting of the subsidy in question. Once it has analysed the documents, the Faculty running the Master’s degree will sent it to the Accounting Service so that it can be incorporated into the account and assigned to the appropriate budget.


Section II. Income management

Article 28.- Managing expenditures.

The budget corresponding to the university Master’s degree organic account will be managed by those responsible for said organic account.

Expenses generated by the teaching of university Master’s degrees must be fully covered by the sum assigned to each one in its specific budget. Budget management will be subject to the UPV/EHU’s general budget regulations, taking the following considerations into account:

a) Expenses shall be apportioned to the appropriate concept in accordance with the accounts plan currently in effect at the university.

b) The limits imposed on the sums paid are as follows:

  • Faculty members from outside the UPV/EHU, for teaching on the Master’s course: up to €125/hour.
  • In relation to travel, accommodation and living expenses, the limits shall be those established in the UPV/EHU Budget Management Regulations in effect at the time.
  • Goods and materials that can be inventoried shall be included in the accounts under the corresponding capital expenditure heading. They will then become part of the UPV/EHU’s assets and must be included in the official inventory, in accordance with the specific regulations in effect at the time.