Latin America & Other Destinations: incoming students

If you would you like to spend a semester or an academic year at the University of the Basque Country, please, check the following information:

- Whole academic year (September 2022 to June/July 2023):           30 April 2022
- First semester (September 2022 to January 2023):                         30 April 2022
- Second semester (January 2023 to June/July 2023):                      31 October 2022

* To submit prolongations of studies, deadlines do not vary.

* We recommend not waiting until the previously mentioned deadlines to send the complete documentation of the nominated students. We receive multiple cancellations from students regarding problems with visas, either because of late applications or due to the elevated number of visas to be issued in the Consulates during November/December or June/July.

Important aspects to take into account

Distribution of Campuses and Centres in 3 geographical areas


Our university has three academic Campuses, placed in three different cities/provinces:

  • Campus of Álava: in Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Campus of Biscay: the centres are divided into two areas, Bilbao and Leioa. It is necessary to use the public transport to move from one place to another, that is why it is really difficult to study subjects from several centres of Bilbao and Leioa at the same time.
  • Campus of Gipuzkoa: Donostia / San Sebastián and Eibar.

Due to the long distances between the different Campuses, in case the students choose subjects from several centers, these centers must be located in the same Campus.

Medical insurance for international visitors

Important issues before selecting subjects

The UPV/EHU does not require visiting students a minimum amount of credits to attend, however, we do recommend taking at least 3 subjects per semester so that academically it is worth the stay.

We recommend students, before selecting the subjects, keeping the following in mind:

  • Our academic year may be different from yours. Before anything else, please, check the dates.
  • It is recommended to study subjects from a single centre (except Engineering or Economics and Business in Bilbao). It will be allowed to take 1 or 2 subjects from another centre, as long as they are located in the same Campus and most of the subjects to be attended belong to the centre where the student will be admitted.
  • Each semester different subjects are offered, so it is important for the student to verify that the chosen subjects are taught in the semester/s in which the he/she visits us (during first, second semester or annual).
  • Students will not be allowed to study full year subjects if they just stay one semester, with only a few exceptions.

  • Most of fall (1st) semester final exams are taken during January. In case the student requests to change the date to December, he/she should check the possibility directly with the professor or the Faculty, that is why it cannot be guaranteed.

Area of Medicine, Physiotherapy and Dentistry

The institutions that have signed a bilateral agreement with the area of Medicine, Physiotherapy and Nursing (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry) must bear in mind that this Faculty will only receive applications sent from the student body within the 1st  deadline (before the 30th April), no matter the period of stay of the students here.

Because of the high level of saturation, we cannot guarantee a place for all students interested in a stay in this center. This is why applications will be accepted preferably for the 1st semester (September 2022 to January of 2023). Moreover, the access to clinical internships of the 6th course of Medicine will only be allowed in the 1st semester (September to December 2022).

Students’ applications could also be admitted for the 2nd semester by the 2nd deadline (31st October 2022) in the areas of Physiotherapy and Dentistry if they take theoretical courses.

The international student body will not be accepted to clinical internships during July and August (summer break).


The Vice-Rectorate of Basque, Culture and Internationalization wishes you a nice stay and memorable experience at the UPV/EHU.