The Basque Country

<br/>Arabako Errioxa ospe handiko ardo-ekoizle eskualde da. Hemen, Frank O. Gehryk diseinaturiko Marqués de Riscal ardandegia.

La Rioja Alavesa is a renowned wine-producing area. Here, Frank O. Gehry´s conference centre for Marqués de Riscal winery.

Our highlights selection

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Benchmark of the new Bilbao, Fran O. Gehry´s Guggenheim Museum displays 11,000 square metres of art exhibitions surrounded by titanium sheets, cristal and water in this dreamlike structure.

Basque Cuisine

Meals don´t only soothen physical needs in our region. Social life in the Basque Country always crosses around food. Traditional and innovating signature cuisine cohabit in Michelin starred-restaurants and regular pintxos bars.

Bizkaia Transporter´s Bridge

This UNESCO World Heritage site is a groundbreaking construction built at the end of the 19th century by a disciple of engineer Gustave Eiffel. You can join locals crossing the estuary river Ibaizabal or enjoy the views from the 50 metre-high crossbeam.

Chillida-Leku Museum

A few miles away from San Sebastian, the remarkable sculptor Eduardo Chillida restored a medieval Basque countryhouse (caserío) to hold his most beloved artworks. In the midst of a park, visitors discover Chillida´s sculptures as if walking through the woods.

Santa María Cathedral

"Open for construction works", says the sign at the gate of this 13th century temple. The Santa María cathedral Foundation deals with the consolidation and restoration works. Guided tours enable visitors to enjoy unsuspected views of a catholic temple and discover interesting details about the construction and restoration processes, both in the Middle Ages and nowadays.

Surf the wave

You only need a surfboard and a rough sea to have a new perspective of the Basque Country. From East to West, our coasts are a gold mine for surfers.

The Tree of Gernika and Assembly House

The legendary oak tree of Gernika is the symbol of the Basque people; meeting point for the members of the Assembly of Bizkaia since the Middle Ages, it refers to the historical autonomy of Biscayan politics. Gernika became a worldwide renowned town in 1937 after the nazi bomb razzia that killed over 2,000 locals during a market day. Picasso´s huge canvas displayed in Madrid´s Reina Sofia Museum holds this town in every mind. The neighbouring Assembly House, seat of the provincial parliament, shows visitors a video about the history of the site.

Basque traditional sports

On countless occasions throughout the year, Basque towns and cities hold traditional sports demonstrations and contests that witness of our age-old traditions. Trunk cutting, stone lifting, rowing contests, ox-pulled weight or pelota competitions can be enjoyed year long.


The latest architecture trends blend in with century-old wine tradition in Rioja Alavesa. You can take tours and tasting sessions in many different wineries in the Basque Country.

Food markets

In Gernika, Ordizia or any other small town in the Basque Country, food markets are a feast for one´s senses: farmhouse products, bread, meat and fish are at the base of our world-renowned cuisine.

Hiking trails

The Basque Country´s green hills and coastal views boast with trail routes you can easily enjoy for a morning or a full day.


Cider is not only a beverage. It sets itself up as a social phenomenon and a distinguishing mark of Basque gastronomy. From January to May, cider houses in Gipuzkoa attract thousands of people to taste the typical menu (cod omelette, t-bone steak and cheese, quince jelly and nuts) accompanying it with the year´s cider harvest.