In December 2014, the extension works of the existing animal facility were completed, with the annexation of a three-storey building and about 800 m² of floor, both of which were connected by a single entrance.

This new facility has this disease-free sanitary status (SPF) and is organized into three zones, one for washing and sterilization of all tools, one for breeding (5 boxes) and stabling (3 boxes) of animals plus a laboratory for , the rederivación, among other activities, which is accessed by water shower and another exclusive for researchers in which are the operating rooms, behavioral areas and post-surgery stables.

All animals are housed in ventilated racks.

In reference to the service is arranged in four zones:

Reproduction and breeding zone

(Restricted access): comprises 13 rooms set aside for the production and upkeep of rats and mice under SPF conditions (Specific Pathogen Free).

Upkeep of animals and special facilities:

  • 9 rooms for the upkeep of rats and mice during the experimentation phase, accessible to researchers.
  • 2 quarantine rooms. 1 room for transgenic mice equipped with ventilated cages and laminar flow cabin for their handling.
  • 1 room for immuno-depressed mice with ventilated cages and laminar flow cabin for their handling.
  • 2 rooms for rabbits set aside exclusively for their upkeep and handling.
  • 2 rooms for amphibia and fish equipped with specific material for their handling.             

Experimentation zone:

Consists of a laboratory equipped with furniture, scales, small equipment and laminar flow cabin. Also contains an operating theatre equipped with two pieces of stererotaxic equipment, two pieces of inhalatory anaesthetic equipment and two surgical magnifying glasses. 

Service Area

Consists of a warehouse for reception of material, a room for preparing commonly-used cages and material, a washing area equipped with cage-washing and bottle-washing machinery, autoclave, vapour sterilization system and sterile equipment storeroom. Diagnostic laboratory. Changing room for personnel attached to the Service and changing room for access to the SPF zone.

Administrative Area:

Consists of two offices, 2 archives and meeting room.

Certificate of Analysis of the Internal Environmental Quality :

Environmental Quality Certificate


Equipment of Bizkaia animal unit