• Breeding and upkeep of rodents (rats and mice).
  • Stalling of animals used for experimentation in accordance with the regulations in force. The Animal Unit at the Alava Campus is fitted out only to stall large and small rodents.

  • Providing general (food, health, cleaning) and special care to stalled animals to be used for carrying out research and for other scientific purposes.
  • Advice to users regarding laboratory animals. Technical assistance and availability of technical personnel to help successfuly carry out the research being carried out.
  • Facilitating animal experimentation on the premises of the Animal Unit fitted out for such purpose, so as to ensure that that there are no animals present on unauthorised premises.
  • Administering the purchase of equipment and materials.

  • Management and advice regarding the purchase of animals for experimentation originating exclusively from official suppliers, in accordance with the legislation in force (see the ministerial and regional orders referred to above), which prevents the admission of animals from any other source. 
  • Administering the controlled departure of animals for experimentation at the request of users of the Service.