Application Areas

HPC is probably used in all imaginable research areas, mathematics, medicine, engineering, biology ...

We detail some of the most relevant HPC applications:

  • Simulations:
    • Simulating materials and molecules at atomic level with molecular dynamics, quantum Monte Carlo,electronic structure methods in general, bio-polymer modelling(proteins, DNA) at structural and/or molecular dynamic level
    • Simulating materials at macroscopic level, heat diffusion, yield strength
    • Fluid (CFD), climatological and meteorological simulations
  • Theoretical Physics, Astrophisics, Particle Physics
  • Bio informatics applications
  • Rendering images
  • Database processing
  • In general, calculations that due to their characteristics need or require a computer with higher power or that,even if not necessary, should be kept on the servers
  • Company management, stock exchange market simulating…
  • Parallel calculations
  • etc.