Computational Resources

Arina Cluster

Arina consists of a total of 3,728 cores with RAM between 16 and 512 GB per node. 4 of the xeon servers have 2 Nvidia Tesla cards each, one node with 2 Nvidia Kepler 20 and another with 2 Nvidia Kepler 20. There are three high performance disk systems for scratch calculations based on Luster of 4, 22 and 40 TB . All the calculation nodes are connected through a high bandwidth and low latency Infiniband network.

GRID Péndulo

Péndulo is a scientific computing grid that uses the UPV/EHU IT room computers as hubs during the time slots where those computers are inactive. A highly-scalable project of our own design. This grid has been built using the Bizkaia CIDIR (Network, Research and Educational Computer Centres) resources, in order to provide a useful tool to the research community.

The project began in the Campus Room, located in the Library building, with 60 dual core computers. The Course Room in the same building, with a further 20 units which meant a total of 160 cores were subsequently included. The grid characteristics enable it to be expanded via the incorporation of other computer rooms.