Welcome to the Scientific Computing Service of the UPV/EHU. The aim of the service is to satisfy researchers basic requirements for Scientific Computing providing them the most advanced technologies in the field.

We provide not only strong computational resources but human resources in order to assist researcher using HPC in their research. We are open for all researchers from the UPV/EHU, from the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation (RVCTI), and also other external researchers, that requires the use of HPC under similar conditions to those from the UPV/EHU. The IZO-SGI is part of the General Research Services (SGIker) of the University, and follows its regulations in accordance with the directives set out in the First University Plan.

The users of the service are requested to acknowledge our resources in any scientific production that was obtained using our resources and to upload their production (see the link below).

We propose the use of the following sentence for the acknowledges:

Technical and human support provided by IZO-SGI SGIker (UPV/EHU, MICINN, GV/EJ, ESF) is gratefully acknowledged.