1. An essential requirement is to register as a user research group of the Sequencing and Gernotyping Unit by completing the  User Register  form. This form will contain information about the scientist in charge of the group and its line of research, the department, institution, a list of users authorised by the scientist in charge for the request for services with contact details, and invoicing details. The form only needs to be handed over the first time a service is requested from the Unit, and in the event that there should be any change to the group's details (authorised user, invoicing details). The User Register  form must be signed by the scientist in charge of the group.
  2. The authorised user requests the service by completing the request form for the relevant service, which will be handed over together with the samples to be analysed.  The samples must be delivered duly labelled with the name of the sample in accordance with that indicated on the request form. For further information about sending specific samples for each analysis, please visit the Services offered  section.
  3. Once the experiment has been completed, the Sequencing and Genotyping Unit will then inform the user of completion of the later, and the results will be sent to them by email.

The samples and primers sent by the user will be kept for a maximum period of 3 months following completion of the service and delivery of the results.

General rules

Access to the unit of Sequencing and Genotyping involves meeting the requirements set forth in the Protocol for access to SGIker and the services it provides.