Applied EM

Applied EM

There is an increasing number of devices and networks that are based on wireless electromagnetic fields transmissions: 

  • Health hazard TBD to some extent → Downward revision of emission limits
  • Social unrest due to the lack of reliable and rigorous information

Analysis under two points of view:

  • Consequences: analysis of the potential health effects (Operational restrictions / Regulatory framework)
  • Causes: EMF measuring and monitoring

Assets and expertise 

Setting and configuring an instrumentation system for measuring local:

  • Environmental EM exposure: Worst case scenario
  • Accurate instanteneous EM exposure sort per radiocommunication service
  • Personal EM exposure

Characterizing the changing behaviour of materials under EM exposure:

  • Organic tissues
  • Fabrics

EM exposure continuous monitoring in an area:

  • Design of monitoring networks:

-Topology (Sensor nodes; Processing hubs; Cloud DDBB)

-Sampling and data conditioning.

  • Measured data processing:

-Statistical characterization of EM exposure levels

-EM exposure maps

Theoretical-empirical models por EM exposure prediction in the far field region:

  • SOCER: Software for the estimation of radioelectric emissions.
  • Theoretical propagation models complemented by statistics based on on-the-field measurements.

Channel models for wireless communications of body area networks:

  • In-body & on-body sensors
  • NFC, Bluetooth...