Molecular mechanisms governing normal and pathogenic functionality of nuclear proteins (MolNucleoProts)


Department (s)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Knowledge area
Biochemistry; Molecular Biology; Biophysics; Proteins
PI: Sonia Bañuelos Co-PI: 


Sonia Bañuelos and David López


Nucleophosmin; NPM1; APE1; DNA repair; AML leukaemia


Our research is focused on the structure - function relationship of nuclear proteins implicated in human pathologies. We currently study two proteins, nucleophosmin (NPM1) and APE1, involved in the cell stress response and the DNA damage repair. NPM1 is mutated, unfolded and aberrantly dislocated to cytoplasm in a subtype of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Our present aim is contributing to unravel the role of nucleophosmin in DNA repair mechanisms and how it could underlay pathologic alterations and moreover, be targeted for therapeutic purpose. Recently, we have also engaged in a project aimed to the application of virus-like nanoparticles for display of nucleophosmin neoantigens, which might be pharmacologically useful for immunotherapy of AML.

Research lines

  1. Regulatory mechanisms in the DNA repair protein APE1.
  2. Design and production of VLPs decorated with neoantigenic peptides of AML leukaemia. (Collaboration with Dr. Diego Guérin)



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