River Ecology (RivEcol)


Department (s)
Plant Biology and Ecology

Knowledge area
PI: Arturo Elosegi Co-PI: Luz Boyero


Professors: Ana Basaguren, Aitor Larrañaga, Maite Arroita

Postdoctoral researchers: Javier Pérez, Edurne Estévez, Silvia Monroy, Naiara López, Pablo Salmón, Aingeru Martínez, Miriam Colls, Libe Solagaistua

PhD students: Ioar de Guzmán, Vicky Pérez-Calpe, Miren Atristain, Alberto Alonso, Marius Dhamelincourt


River, stream, structure, functioning, biodiversity, anthropogenic impact, conservation, restoration


The research group investigates the effects of human activities on the structure and functioning of river ecosystems. It analyzes the effects of forestry, point source and diffuse pollution, hydromorphological alterations or biodiversity loss on processes such as inputs and decomposition of organic matter, river metabolism and nutrient retention, in rivers all around the world. It combines different strategies: laboratory experiments, comparative field studies and ecosystem-scale experiments. The group also applies the results of its research to collaborate with managers in assessing the ecological and conservation status rivers, developing management plans for protected spaces and species, and designing river restoration projects.

Research lines

  1. Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  2. Human activities and structure and function of river ecosystems
  3. Emerging pollutants
  4. Threatened species
  5. River resource management


  • Artificial River System
  • Off-road vehicle
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Fluorimeter
  • Flow meters
  • Multiparameter probes
  • Turbidimeters
  • Automatic sampler

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