w_Diversidad y Ecología de la Vegetación

Plant Diversity and Vegetation Ecology (IKERLAND)


Department (s)
Plant Biology and Ecology

Knowledge area
Botany. Terrestrial ecology. Evolutionary ecology.
PI: Javier J. Loidi Arregui Co-PI: 


Idoia Biurrun Galarraga, Juan Antonio Campos Prieto, Itziar García Mijangos, Javier J. Loidi Arregui, Peter B. Pearman


climate change, plant community classification, human impact, functional and phylogenetic diversity, invasive  species, molecular ecology, phylogeny, evolution, molecular biology, threatened species, vegetation distribution, vegetation ecology,


Our group has evolved over 30 years, from a focus on the diversity, mapping and classification of vegetation to include additionally the taxonomic, functional, and phylogenetic diversity of plant communities, the monitoring and ecological modelling of plant populations in the face of global change, and the study of genetic variation in plant populations. We use a range of botanical, statistical and laboratory techniques, modelling approaches and in-house and global databases of plant communities, and occurrences, sequence data, and climate. Students and professional researchers in our group contribute to field, laboratory, and computational research to further community classification and mapping, ecological analysis and modelling, and population genetic and evolutionary analyses, to strengthen the foundations for wise ecosystems management and conservation.

Research Lines

  1. Plant community diversity and ecology
  2. Coastal habitats management and conservation
  3. Forest diversity and management
  4. Plant invasions in natural and semi-natural habitats
  5. Mire restauration and monitoring
  6. Models of climate impacts on plant diversity
  7. Adaptive diversification and plant population genomic diversity


  • Herbarium BIO
  • 4x4 Field vehicle
  • Laboratory for Molecular Ecology and Evolution-Center for Biotechnology María Goyri
  • Computation laboratory. Additional workstations and servers
  • Arboretum of the UPV/EHU

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