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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, at Faculty of Science and Technology and at Faculty of Pharmacy, is composed of 40 researchers and professors, an 45 non-permanent researchers (Postdoctoral Researchers and PhD students). All the professors with the department are PhDs.

The Department is in charge of charge of organizing and developing research and in charge of coordinating and imparting, the teaching of its area of knowledge "Biochemistry and Molecular Biology" carried out in the different UPV7EHU Centers. The Department also participates in several PhD programs (Master in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine; Master in Environmental Agrobiology; Master in Biomedical Research; Master in Nutrition and Health; Master in Food Quality and Safety and, Master in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports.

The activity of the Department focuses on the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology mostly oriented to biomedicine. The research projects range from European to regionally funded calls, mostly in cooperation with other universities and companies from Spain and abroad.

The Department has training labs furnished with the appropriate professional equipment. Several researches and professors are also associated to Biofisika Institute, a multidisciplinary center that promotes a multidisciplinary program in frontier research and translational excellence at a molecular and cell level in the field of biophysics and their application in the areas of biotechnology and health.

Head of department


Miren Josu Omaetxebarria Ibarra
ext 3383 

César  Martín  Plagaro
ext 8052-2491