Digital Electronics Design Group (GDED)


Department (s)
Electricity and Electronics, Electronic Technology

Knowledge area
Digital Electronics, Electronic Technology, Information and Communication Technologies

PI: Inés del Campo Co-PI: Koldo Basterretxea, Javier Echanobe


Inés del Campo Hagelstrom, Javier Echanobe Arias, Koldo Basterretxea Oyarzabal, Mª Victoria Martínez González, Estibalitz Asua Uriarte, Naiara Vidal Lecue, Aitor del Río Ruiz, Óscar Mata Carballeira, Jon Gutiérrez Zaballa.


Digital systems, FPGAs, SoCs, machine learning, data mining, optimization algorithms


The group, recognized since 2007 as a consolidated research group, is mainly involved in the design of embedded electronic systems using reconfigurable devices (FPGAs ). In particular, in recent years the group has specialized in the development of systems on a chip (SoCs) for adaptive real-time applications. GDED researchers have also extensive experience in complex dynamic systems modelling techniques using Data Mining, Machine Learning and Optimization Algorithms.

The activities of the group: research, training and technology transfer, are characterized by their high multidisciplinary character. They range from basic and applied research, to innovative technological developments in the automotive sector.

Research lines

  1. Design of adaptive systems on a chip (SoCs) on reconfigurable devices (FPGAs) for real-time applications
  2. Modeling of complex dynamic systems: data mining, machine learning and optimization algorithms
  3. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  4. Context recognition through hyper-spectral images (HSI)
  5. Analysis and improvement of the driving style: eco-driving and driving comfort
  6. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN): environmental and physiological sensors
  7. Optimum and predictive controllers
  8. Modeling and optimization of industrial processes: energy cogeneration


  • 8 design desks for the development of embedded electronic systems on reconfigurable platforms (FPGA and SoPC): workstations or PCs, design software (ISE Design Suite, Vivado Design Suite, Modelsim, etc.) and development cards.
  • General-purpose electronic instrumentation: multimeters, signal generators, power supplies and oscilloscopes. Specific instrumentation for design verification: logic analyzer and mixed signal oscilloscope.

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