RF & Microwave Group (RF-MW)


Department (s)
Electricity and Electronics

Knowledge area
Electromagnetism, Electronics

PI: Joaquín Portilla Co-PI: Juan Mari Collantes


Aitziber Anakabe, José Manuel González, Libe Mori, Nerea Otegi


Radiofrequency, Microwave, Circuits, Systems


The group works in the field of high frequency circuits and systems for different applications: wireless communications, radio navigation and scientific equipment. Our basic research axes are focused on the analysis and design of microwave circuits and high frequency instrumentation.

Research lines

  1. Stability analysis of power amplifiers for wireless communications
  2. RF and microwave instrumentation
  3. Equipment for RF linear particle accelerators (RF-LINACS)


The lab is equipped with advanced tools for analysis, simulation, development and characterization of circuit prototypes up to 20GHz. This includes general purpose microwave instrumentation, PCB milling machine, licenses of commercial CAD tools for microwave design (ADS and MWO) and custom built measurement setups for noise characterization and nonlinear measurements.

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