w_Teoría de Nanofotónica

Theory of Nanophotonics (ACRONYM)


Department (s)
Electricity and Electronics and CFM (CSIC-UPV/EHU)

Knowledge area
Applied Physics, Condensed Matter, Photonics, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

PI: Nerea Zabala Co-PI: Javier Aizpurua (CFM)


Mattin Urbieta, Eduardo Ogando, Luca Bergamini, Bruno Candelas, Jose Luis Priede, Alberto Rivacoba, Rubén Esteban, Rainer Hillenbrand, Nerea Zabala, Javier Aizpurua


Nanophotonics, Plasmonics, Quantum effects in plasmonics, Optoelectronics, Electron Microscopy, Optical spectroscopies


We investigate theoretically, and in collaboration with experimental groups, effects emerging in the interaction of light (and electron beams) and matter at the nanoscale. We focus on metal nanostructures, which boost light-matter interaction by converting Visible–Near-Infrared light into collective excitations of conduction electrons (plasmons), enhancing and localizing the electromagnetic field around their surface. We use electrodynamics and solid-state-physics (ab-initio TDDFT) theory and computational tools to adress the control and flow of light in the nanometer scale and to design new plasmonic devices. Our research has impact in field-enhanced spectroscopies, molecular and biological sensors, optoelectronics and active plasmonics.

Research lines

  1. Theory of Nanophotonics and plasmonics
  2. Optical response of materials in the nanoscale
  3. Plasmonic nanoantennas
  4. Field-enhanced spectroscopy and microscopy
  5. Scanning near Field Optical microscopy s-SNOM
  6. Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS)
  7. Vibrational spectroscopies (SERS, SEIRA)
  8. Quantum plasmonics
  9. Optoelectronics in nanosystems


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