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Department of Electricity and Electronics

The Electricity and Electronics Department belongs to the Science and Technology Faculty and was created in 1987. Its staff is composed of more than 65 people that include professors, researchers, doctorate students, and administrative assistants.

The activity of the Department is focused on four broad areas of instruction and research: Applied Physics, Electronics, Control Engineering, and Software Engineering.

The teaching activities of the Department are mainly focused on two Bachelor Degrees:  Degree in Physics and Degree in Electronic Engineering, and two Master Degrees: Master in New Materials and Erasmus Mundus Master in Microwave Electronics and Optics. Besides, professors of the Department are also involved in courses from other Bachelor and Master Degrees of the Faculty (Degree in Mathematics, Degree in Chemical Engineering, etc…).

The Electricity and Electronics Department has significant research activity in Science and Technology with more than 50 active projects and about 70 journal papers published each year. This activity is carried out by eight independent research groups with strong links with other laboratories, institutions, and private companies.

DHead of department



Josu Jugo Garcia 
ext 5367

Amparo Varona Fernández
ext 5540