Structure and dynamical properties of solids: Magnetic materials and topological phases (MATPRO)


Department (s)

Knowledge area
Condensed Matter Physics

PI: Luis Elcoro Co-PI: Gotzon Madariaga


Fco. Javier Zúñiga, Mois I. Aroyo, Iñigo Etxebarria, Noelia de la Pinta


Computational Crystallography, Group Theory, Multiferroic, Magnetic, Topological Materials, Ab-initio


Our research is focused on the relationship between crystal structure and physical properties of materials, and includes the following three main research lines: a theoretical line, centered on the systematic analysis of symmetry, using group theory, an experimental line devoted to the synthesis and characterization of new materials with potential technological interest, and a third line that includes ab-initio calculations whose main objective is to understand the basic physical mechanisms that give rise to a specific property of a material.

The developed crystallographic tools are implemented in the free on-line Bilbao Crystallographic Server or BCS (www.cryst.ehu.eus), maintained by members and ex- members of our team. At present, it includes more than one hundred programs and databases.

Research lines

  1. Development of computational tools for the analysis of materials.
  2. Theoretical analysis of ferroic, multiferroic and magnetic materials.
  3. Synthesis and structural analysis of Metal-Organic Frameworks.
  4. Identification of non-magnetic and magnetic topological materials.
  5. Ab-initio calculations on spin-crossover compounds.


  • Synthesis and growth laboratory.
  • X-ray diffraction laboratory with power and single crystal diffractometers.
  • Thermal and dielectric measurements laboratory.
  • Computer cluster.

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Luis Elcoro 946 015 409

Gotzon Madariaga 946 015 487