HAREA-Coastal Geology (HAREA)

Knowledge area

Geology, Palaeontology, Geochemistry, Quaternary, Climate and Global Change
PI: Alejandro Cearreta Co-PI: 


Alejandro Cearreta, María Jesús Irabien, Julio Rodríguez Lázaro, Ana Pascual, Ane García-Artola, Zeltia Varela, Aitor Fernández-Martín Consuegra, Jon Gardoki


Environmental transformation, Natural Processes, Anthropogenic impact


Quaternary climate changes have caused important environmental variations in the coastal and marine zones, and an intense human pressure provoked its physical deterioration and a deep chemical and biological transformation. High resolution analysis of its sedimentary record allows to reconstruct past events, to understand modern driving forces, and to make forecasts of future environmental variability. This research group is part of the Quaternary Formation and Research Unit (UFI11/09; www.ehu.eus/uficuaternario), constitutes the Joaquín Gómez de Llarena Laboratory (Sociedad de Ciencias Aranzadi Society of Sciences; www.aranzadi-zientziak.org/geo-q) and participates in the Quaternary Doctoral Programme (www.ehu.eus/doctoradocuaternario).

Lines of Research

  1. Environmental transformation of polluted and in regeneration ecosystems.
  2. Sea-level variations derived from natural and anthropogenic climate changes. 
  3. Quaternary environmental evolution of coastal and marine ecosystems due to natural processes.
  4. Sedimentary processes with social and economic consequences.
  5. Anthropocene: a new epoch of the geological time scale.


  • Sampling in the field
  • Laboratory analysis

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