Deformation and mass transfer in lithospheric shear zones (DETRAMA)


Department (s)

Knowledge area
Geology (2506*) and Geophysics (2507*)
PI: Julia Cuevas Urionabarrenechea Co-PI: 


Aitor Aranguren Iriarte, José Julián Esteban Guzmán, Lidia Rodríguez Méndez, José M. Tubía Martínez, Néstor Vegas Tubía (UPV/EHU)


Deformation, Petrofabrics, Rheology, Ductile Shear Zone, Orogenic belts, Pyrenees, Betics, Andean Cordillera, Basque-Cantabric Basin


RESEARCH: Deformation on shear zones and mass transfer through the lithosphere. 

TARGET AREAS: Andean Orogenic belt (NW Argentina and Patagonic and Pampean Sierras), Betic Cordilleras, Iberian Variscan Belt and Pyrenees (and “Basque Arc Domain"). 

METHODS: Geological mapping, Structural Analysis, Petrofabrics, Magnetic fabric, Thermobarometry and Geochronology.  These studies have direct application to the society, since they allow the elaboration of 3D subsurface models. These models are essential for the construction of large infrastructures, the exploration and management of energy, minerals and water resources or the location of deep geological disposals for the storage of dangerous wastes or CO2 sequestration.

Lines of Research

  1. Structural geology (250620*), Tectonics (250707*), Regional Geology (250601*), Geology applied to the engineering (250603*), Field geological surveys   (250606*), Geomagnetism and magnetic prospection (250701*). 
    (*) International scientific classification (UNESCO).


  • We have the basic equipment for the development of the research described: specialized field work, analysis at all geological scales, structural and microstructural analysis of all types of materials (with emphasis on granitoids), 3D-4D modelling and control.
    We use equipment from SGIKER (UPV/EHU) General Research Services and other national and international facilities.

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