Basement Petrochronology and Petrofabrics /Petrocronología y Petrotectónica del Zócalo (BPP/PPZ)


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PI: Pablo Puelles Olarte Co-PI: 


Benito Ábalos Villaro, José Ignacio Gil Ibarguchi, Fernando Sarrionandia-Ibarra Eguidazu, Sonia García de Madinabeitia Martínez de Lizarduy


Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Tectonics, Petrochronology, Petrofabrics, Orogenic reworking, Metamorphism, Strain analysis, Mantle-crust interaction 


Geodynamic processes involving mantle and crust (continental and oceanic) deformation play a crucial role in the formation of known orogenic belts. Those processes have operated cyclically over the course of the Earth's history. From this standpoint our research group is focussed on the joint application of Petrochronology and Petrofabric techniques in order to cast light onto the following issues:

1. Study of the relationships among recrystallization, partial melting and geochronology in areas of tectonic reworking
2. Strain analysis and kinematic interpretation of ductile shear zones and oblique tectonic areas affected by transpression and/or transtension
3. Study of the mantle-crust interaction and growth and recycling events in igneous and metamorphic domains

Lines of Research

  1. Geology - UNESCO Code 2506
  2. Geochemistry - UNESCO Code 2503
  3. Geophysics (Tectonics) - UNESCO Code 250


  • The research group has its own equipment for sample preparation (thin-sections and polishing) and microscopic analysis. The group has also access to the Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry Facility of the UPV/EHU, one member being involved in the scientific and technical supervision of the service (Prof. J.I. Gil Ibarguchi). The equipment includes spectrometers, clean room and laser ablation systems (cf. www.ehu.es/ibercron). 

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