Research group of the behavior of B, Li, P and other rare elements in crustal rocks during the Variscan Orogeny (VARISBLIP)


Department (s)

Knowledge area
Earth Sciences – Cristallography and Mineralogy

PI: Encarnación Roda Robles Co-PI: 


Alfonso Pesquera Pérez, Pedro Pablo Gil Crespo, José Miguel Herrero Rubio, Idoia Garate Olave y Jon Errandonea Martín


1. Pegmatite, 2. tourmalinite, 3. Variscan Orogeny, 4. Central Iberian Zone, 5. Lithium, 6. Boron, 7. Phosphorous


The presence of rare-element-rich pegmatites (Li, Sn, Nb-Ta, Be, B, F y P) is common in the Central Iberian Zone (Spain and Portugal). Its study joins economic and scientific interests, as research on pegmatites may provide important knowledge on the transition between the magmatic and hydrothermal stages. In addition, the geochemical behaviour of those elements during the crystallization of granitic and pegmatitic magmas may be better understood. The second line of research deals with the tourmaline-rich rocks in this region. The main goal is to identify the source of boron, its potential recycling, its evolution and distribution during the Variscan orogeny, and the mechanisms involved in the tourmalinization processes. Both research topics are related and contribute to the knowledge of the historic and regional geology of the study area during the Variscan Orogeny.

Research lines

  1. Mineralogy, geochemistry, petrogenesis and regional distribution of the Li, Sn, P, B, Nb, Ta-rich Variscan pegmatitic rocks from the Central Iberian Zone.
  2. Tourmalinites: tourmaline as petrogenetic indicator, origin of B in the Central Iberian Zone.


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