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Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering

IP: Monika Ortueta Co-IP: Miren Arrate Celaya


Monika Ortueta
Miren Arrate Celaya


Supersaturation, interfacial chemistry, crystallization, lithiasis, Ion exchange, metals, waters, turbidity, temperature


Renal lithiasis is the third most common urological pathology, after infections and prostate pathology. The fundamental premise for crystallization to occur is urinary supersaturation. Once crystallization has occurred, stone formation depends on a large number of parameters. In this line of research, new lithogenic parameters are evaluated and a multivariate analysis will be carried out that allows the evaluation of the specific lithogenic risk. 
In water treatment processes, whether in treatment plants or water treatment plants, the elimination of metallic traces can be carried out through ion exchange processes both before entering the treatment plant and once inside. For this there is a great variety of exchangers, as well as a great variety of variables to control depending on the nature of the waters.

Lines of Research

  1. Biochemical foundations of idiopathic, non-idiopathic and infectious kidney stones
  2. Water treatments


  • PAMAS-SVSS-16 particle counter, PAMAS SLS-25/25 sensor

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