Ixa group (Garaterm)


Department (s)
Basque Language and Communication

Knowledge area
Applied Linguistics
PI: Miren Igone Zabala Unzalu Co-PI: 


Maria Jesus Aranzabe (Faculty of Chemistry  of Donostia)
Izaskun Aldezabal (Faculty of Engineering, Gipuzkoa)
Itziar Gonzalez Dios (Faculty of Engineering, Bilbao)
Mikel Lersundi (Faculty of Medicine and Nursing)
Jose Maria Arriola (Faculty of Economics and Business)


Specialised discourse, terminology, academic phraseology


The development of Basque academic registers occurs mainly in the academic field. The Garaterm group, within the Ixa group, has developed several tools and resources to monitor the development of Basque academic registers over time: the GARATERM working environment, the GARATERM corpus and the terminology database Terminologia Zerbitzurako Online System (TZOS). The Terminologia Sareak Ehunduz (TSE) program funded since 2008 by the Vice-Rectorate of Euskera of the UPV/EHU is an important source for the enrichment of these resources. In recent years, the study of academic lexical combinations (ALC) has been undertaken. Within the HARTAesvas project, the Garaterm group is compiling and studying the ALCs in academic works in Basque, in order to develop a tool to help in academic writing.

Lines of Research
Study of the development of academic registers of Basque and its didactics


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