w_en_Master in Biodiversity, Functioning and Management of Ecosystems

Master in Biodiversity, Functioning and Management of Ecosystems

The Master in Biodiversity, Functioning and Management of Ecosystems aims to deepen our knowledge on biodiversity and functioning of the ecosystems in our environment and learn about how humans manage them focusing in the consequences of their activities. In this sense, the program deals on matters related to environmental biology that intervene in the evaluation of the ecological status of ecosystems in terms of their functioning and diversity, the deterioration and fragmentation of the habitats, the global change and the exploitation and rational use of the biological resources. The main techniques used in this field, such as cartography and remote sensing receive a special attention. Furthermore, it provides knowledge on environmental regulations that affect biodiversity issues, mostly on legal tools and figures of protection of threatened species and ecosystem functioning. This is a research master that gives direct access to doctorate programs at the UPV/EHU and other universities in the European Higher Education Area.

Why to choose this master? It will allow you:

  • to deepen your knowledge of living beings of different groups of animals and plants.
  • to acquire advanced training in the ecosystems for their management and administration.
  • to experience field sessions that are developed through programmed excursions in numerous subjects of the master's degree.
  • to have the opportunity to start a scientific career aimed at research in biodiversity and ecosystems.

Professional outings:

  • Environmental management and conservation of ecosystems and species in public organizations and private institutions.
  • Environmental consulting.
  • Research and teaching in matters related to biodiversity and ecosystems.