w_en_Master in Environmental Contamination and Toxicology

Master in Environmental Contamination and Toxicology

The CTA master’s degree is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary degree that overlaps many branches of the natural sciences such as chemistry, toxicology, geology, and ecology. The main objective is to provide a solid background in many of these fields to understand the dynamic interactions between contaminants and living organisms. One of the paradigms of this complex scenario is the One Health approach, which aims at the health of the environment.  

The main topics included in this master’s degree are those related to the analysis of the fate, distribution, transformation, and behaviour of chemical contaminants, the toxicological analysis at the cellular and molecular level, the identification and application of biomarkers of exposure and effects, and the implementation of environmental bioremediation applications in degraded environments, among many others.

Therefore, the CTA graduates will be able to able to carry out environmental risk assessment analysis within the current regulatory framework at European, national and regional levels. In addition, graduates will take part in research projects through participation in interdisciplinary teams to contribute to ambitious objectives such as zero pollution environment, sustainable development, or environmental public health. 

Finally, the CTA master’s degree benefits from the close collaboration with other international master’s degrees that are currently taught at the Plentzia Marine Station (PiE).