w_en_Master in Quantum Science and Technology

Master in Quantum Science and Technology

Quantum physics lies at the center of science and engineering in our new century. This Master’s program squarely recognizes this fact by providing a solid foundation in several facets of quantum science and technology. Teaching and mentoring responsibilities are undertaken by University teaching staff and Ikerbasque researchers, with proven track record in both teaching and research. Our objective is to bring students to the level of knowledge and experience that allows them to choose academic or professional careers inside or outside physics, acquiring the capability to undertake research at the forefront of quantum physics and technology. The students can choose among two possible career paths: Fundamental Physics (Gravitation, Cosmology, Condensed Matter and Quantum Field Theory) and Quantum Information and Technology,  or even a superposition of the two.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: This is a research-oriented master that can be considered a step towards doctoral studies. The program provides students with transferable skills in acquisition, creation and presentation of knowledge, with special emphasis in individual work and initiative within a research group.

ENTRY PROFILE: This Master's degree is primarily aimed at Science (Physics, Chemistry) and Engineering Graduates, in particular Electrical/Communications Engineering Graduates. There are also places for exceptional Graduates from other branches of Science and Engineering, as well as other Graduates that the Master's Committee deems suitably qualified and motivated for this course.