w_en_Master in Synthetic and Industrial Chemistry

Master in Synthetic and Industrial Chemistry

Chemistry has unarguably contributed significantly to present social welfare. Its developments are nowadays compatible with environmental quality thanks to advances in the knowledge of its principles and their application, and invade and protect all areas of our lives. Health, energy, environment or new materials for application in catalysis, electronics, etc would be among the main topics of social interest that currently drive the main research areas in Chemistry. A whole world dependent on new developments in chemical synthesis: new drugs (analgesics, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, diabetes treatments, blood pressure, cancer), adhesives, semiconductor materials, luminescent products for solar cells, polymers, LEDs , oleds, nanoparticles, enantioselectivity ... These are words that portray the world around us, and are in turn the terms that make up the world of synthesis.

In this program, you’ll focus on learning to build molecules with the required chemical, medical or physical functionality, study their structures and properties, and do so with powerful, selective, efficient and clean procedures. Chemical Synthesis is a fundamentally experimental field, so the program is focused on the applied training of students. Besides the courses (30 ECTS), the program includes carrying out an experimental research project (30 ECTS, TFM). This is a joint program of three Universities (UPV/EHU, UPNa, UVa), so you will benefit from joining one of the leading research groups in any of the three organizing Universities (UPV/EHU, UPNa, UVa) or in one of the participating Research Centers (CIC Biogune, CIC Biomagune, CIC Energigune).