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Master on New Materials

The Master's Degree on New Materials is organized and offered jointly between the University of the Basque Country and the University of Cantabria.

It is essentially oriented towards a specialized education in all the areas related with new materials, from basic properties to applications. It aims to provide a solid training in the most current methodologies of synthesis, characterization and use new materials in a wide range of fields, including biomaterials, nanomaterials, smart materials, materials for energy, for electronics, for catalysis, etc. The program of the Master is devised to enable people to make informed decisions in both scientific and technological environments, as well as to prepare future scientist to perform cutting-edge research work.

The Master could offer scholarships funded by BCMaterials, CIC ENergigune, CIC Nanogune, as well as transportation assistance from the Faculty of Science and Technology to the University of Cantabria.

The Master's degree on Mew Materials gives direct access to doctoral programs.