Mathematical Technology transfer (TTM)


Department (s)

Knowledge area
Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Operations Research
PI: Carlos Gorria Corres Co-PI: 


Arostegui Madariaga, Inmaculada; Barrio Beraza, Irantzu; Gorria Corres, Carlos; Hernando Rodríguez, Leticia; Lezaun Iturralde, Mikel; Muto Foresi, Virginia; Pardo Zubiaur, David


Applied mathematics, optimization, statistics, data sciences


The development of scientific computing devices and software has enabled the efficient use of mathematical models to seek solutions to multidisciplinary problems in physics, engineering, economics, biology or medicine. Currently, mathematics has devoted to the transfer of knowledge towards Society, the research community and industries, contributing to progress and competitiveness. The representation of realities through mathematical formulations based on differential equations, optimization and statistics is crucial. The possibility of translating the models into algorithms facilitate the implementation of simulations and the numerical representation of solutions. The working group has extensive experience in collaborations with institutions and companies in the indicated areas.

Lines of Research

  1. - Multiphysic  simulation.
  2. - Numerical solucion of partial differential equations.
  3. - Optimization and operations research.
  4. - Stochastic optimization.
  5. - Mathematical models and their applications in medicine and health.
  6. - Statistical data processing.
  7. - Mathematical models for industrial challenges.


Scientific software for multidisciplinary problems: 

  • Optimización tools: Lingo, OSL, CPLEX, COIN, LpSolve.
  • Statistical tool and data processing: R, SPSS, SQL. 
  • Mathematical computation: MATHEMATICA, Matlab, octave, python, c, fortran

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