Computational Design of Vaccines (DISCOMVAC)


Department (s)

Knowledge area
Discrete Mathematics and Bioinformatics

PI: Luis Martínez Fernández Co-PI: 


María Asunción García; Leire Legarreta; Iker Malaina; Martín-Blas Pérez

Colaboradores externos: Carmen Álvarez (Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Valdecilla IDIVAL y Universidad Internacional de la Rioja UNIR); Rosa Hernández (Facultad de Farmacia de la UPV/EHU, Vitoria); Martin Milani (Facultad de Matemáticas, Ciencias Naturales y Tecnologías de la Información FAMNIT  de la Universidad de Primorska, Koper, Eslovenia)


Graph Theory, Computing, Vaccines, Combinatorics, Optimization


 In the "Computational Design of Vaccines" Group at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) we apply knowledge of different mathematical disciplines, especially Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics and Graph theory, to the creation of effective vaccines against different diseases. To do this, we make a rational selection of epitopes based on the optimization of certain variables whose data come from experimental results and also from the use of bioinformatics tools.

Our research activity is twofold. On the one hand, we follow a basic research line, oriented to Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory, and on the other hand a translational one, oriented to the applications of Mathematics to Biomedicine, and especially to the Computational Design of Vaccines. They are not independent research ambits, since the basic one provides a language and a theoretical framework for the translational one and, conversely, the latter poses problems that have their own theoretical interest.

Research lines

  1. Computational Design of Vaccines
  2. Mathematics Applied to Biomedicine
  3. Integer Programming
  4. Heuristic Algorithms
  5. Analysis of Time Series
  6. Combinatorial Optimization and Graph Theory
  7. Bioinformatics


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