w_Microfluidics Cluster



Department (s)
Analytical Chemistry & Zoology and Cellular Animal Biology

Knowledge area
Chemistry, Bioengineering, Engineering
PI: Fernando Benito López, Mª Lourdes Basabe Desmonts Co-PI:


2 IPs, 11 PhDs, 2 PostDocs


Microfluidics, smart materials, surface engineering, Lab-on-aChip, MicroTAS


The Microfluidics Cluster UPV/EHU is a strategic alliance between two research teams working on Micro- and Nanotechnologies for Lab-on-a-Chip applications at the University of the Basque Country.
We focus on applied and translational research on micro- and nanotechnologies. Through the combination of microfluidics, sensors and actuators, we develop Integrated Microsystems with applications in biomedical diagnostics, environmental analysis, chemistry, sport science, biology and medicine.
We are a multidisciplinary team comprised by chemists, biologists and engineers, in close collaboration with sport and environmental scientists, medical doctors, and industry.

Lines of Research

  1. Research Line 1. Microfluidics.
  2. Research Line 2. Smart materials for sensing and actuation.
  3. Research Line 3. Surface engineering.
  4. Research Line 4. Microsystem integration.


  • Device fabrication: Graphtec, Universal Laser Systems, Hot laminator, Plasma cleaner, XEROX Colorqube wax printer, Fluigent, Spin coater model. SU-8 microfabrication station (Microfabrication box), 3D printer Form 1+
  • Characterisation: pHmeter, Flow meter, Camera, Digital oscilloscope, Kit Optical fiber splicer 41S + Cleaver CT50 (Fujikura), OCA 15EC Drop Shape Analyser (Goniometer), Profilometer: DektakXT® stylus.
  • Synthesis: Rotavapor™ R-100, Glovebox La Petite. Ultrasound bath, 4DCell equipment for adhesion patterns.

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