Research and Innovation in Analytical Chemistry (IBeA)


Department (s)
Analytical Chemistry

Knowledge area
Analytical Chemistry
PI: Arturo Elosegi CoPI: Luz Boyero


L.A. Fernández, N.  Etxebarria, M.A. Olazabal, J.M. Amigo, G. Arana, A. de Diego, O. Zuloaga, A. Usobiaga, I. Martinez Arkarazo, K. Castro, A. Prieto, M. Olivares, M. Maguregui, E. Anakabe, A. Gredilla, N. Prieto, S. Fernández, J. Aramendia, N. Arrieta, J.A. Carrero, O. Gómez, M. Irazola, L. Kortazar, B. González, L. Mijangos, C. García, I. Costantini, I. Torre, S. Pérez, N. López, P. Irizar, I. Alvarez, J. Huidobro.


Analytical Chemistry, Environment, Chemical technology, Health, Food, Materials, Urban Regeneration, Climate Change, Heritage, Space chemistry


Most of the IBeA researchers belong to the Analytical Chemsitry field. However, our activities are mostly multidisciplinar because we work with other research groups.
The main aims we wish to fulfil with our projects and activities are: (i) To develop new analytical methodologies, to be applied in situations where innovative analytical procedures are required, (ii) o train analytical chemists in a multidisciplinar environment, collaborating with scientists of related areas of expertise.

Lines of Research

  1. Design and construction of new instruments combining different analytical techniques
  2. Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change
  3. Environmental Toxicology and Health
  4. Food resources and Food Safety
  5. Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of tangible Cultural Heritage
  6. Terrestrial (bio)geochemical processes and their implication in the study of alterations in extraterrestrial materials


  • Low and High Resolution Chromatographic Systems ((GC-MS, GCxGC-MS, HPLC - MS/MS, LC-qOrbitrap, IC)); ICP/MS ; spectroscopies for elemental and molecular analysis, Potentiometric/spectrophotometric

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