Department (s)
Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

Knowledge area
Organic Chemistry
PI: Raul SanMartin Co-PI: María Teresa Herrero


Garazi Urgoitia, Esther Domínguez, Imanol Tellitu


Synthesis, Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysts, Sustainable reaction media, Green Chemistry


Our research group works actively on the the preparation of compounds of industrial interest using new catalyst systems in sustainable media. In addition to the synthesis of several metal complexes featuring significantly improved catalytic profiles, new applications for the latter compounds and other catalysts are sought so that the access to relevant chemical entities (biologically active compounds, natural products, new materials) is simplified and performed through very short, efficient synthetic sequences where the presence of metal traces in final products is minimized and sustainable reaction media are mainly used. As part of the so-called chemical recycling and circular economy, catalytic degradation of industrial waste materials is also under research in our laboratories.

Lines of Research

  1. "New metal catalysts for cascade reactions: Development of synthetic transformations of interest" MINECO
  2. "Development of new synthetic methodologies" EJ/GV
  3. "Tridentate ligands and complexes as tailored catalytic systems for key synthetic transformations" MINECO
  4. "More effective catalyst based on metallocyclic structures" EJ/GV
  5. "New strategies towards more efficient and sustainable metal catalysts" MICINN
  6. "Preparación de entidades y fragmentos moleculares con potencial bioactividad antihistamínica" FAES Farma
  7. "Exploración y optimización de rutas sintéticas para la preparación de entidades y fragmentos moleculares con bioactividad potencial o conocida" FAES Farma 


  • CEM Discover single mode Microwave Reactor equipped with Explorer autosampler
  • Büchi metal-free (glass) Medium Pressure reactor
  • Parr stainless steel High Pressure reactor
  • ThermoFisher EK90 Cryostat
  • Büchi Pure C-810 Flash Chromatography System.

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