Group of Asymmetric Synthesis, Sustainable Chemistry and Biomimetic Processes (GSA)


Department (s)
Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

Knowledge area
Organic Chemistry
PI: Jose L. Vicario Co-PI: 


Jose L. Vicario, Mª Luisa Carrillo, Efraím Reyes, Uxue Uria, Liher Prieto, Marta Rodriguez, Javier Luis, Estefanía Capel, Jana Sendra, Daniel Naharro


Catalysis, Green Chemistry, Sustainability, Drug Design, Natural Products, SAR Studies, Chemical Synthesis, Asymmetric Synthesis


Society continuously demands new drugs that ensure well-being, and that are being used in the mitigation of illnesses, prevention and cure of diseases, as well as in clinical diagnosis. An average of 50 new drugs are approved annually, which requires basic research to prepare new candidates for their evaluation in the clinical phase. Our Group works on the development of new methodologies for the synthesis of new chemical entities (NCI), with an approach specially focused to the use of sustainable strategies. These new compounds are evaluated against therapeutic targets that are involved in diseases such as diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular diseases. Structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies of molecules with antiviral activity have also been carried out.

Lines of Research

  1. Biomimetic Processes
  2. Design and synthesis of drugs
  3. Structure-activity relationship study (SAR)
  4. Organocatalysis
  5. Sustainable synthesis
  6. Green Chemistry
  7. Asymmetric synthesis of chiral products (Keylock models)
  8. Synthesis of bioactive natural products


  • Complete chemical synthesis laboratory (fume-hoods, rotary evaporators, vacuum equipment, cryogenic systems, reagent cabinets and refrigerators, automatic injection systems, combiflash purification equipment, laboratory dishwashers, etc.)
  • Self-service access to the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance service
  • GC / MS and HPLC chromatography equipment
  • Circular dichroism equipment
  • IR spectrometer and spectropolarimeter
  • High pressure and ozonolysis reactors

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