Marine Benthos Research Group UPV/EHU (BENTOS)


Department (s)
Plant Biology and Ecology / Zoology and Animal Cell Biology

Knowledge area
Marine biology, Marine ecology, Phycology, Zoology
PI: José María Gorostiaga Garai Co-PI:


Dr. José María Gorostiaga Garai, Dra. Isabel Díez San Vicente, Dra. Nahiara Muguerza Latorre, Dr. Endika Quintano Erraiz, Dra. María Bustamante González, Dr. Javier Tajadura Martín, Dr. José Ignacio Saiz Salinas, Olatz Arriaga Telleria


Climate change, environmental monitoring, marine benthos, marine biology marine ecology, macroalgae, macroinvertebrates, pollution


Since the beginning of its creation in the early 1980s, the Marine Benthos Research Group UPV/EHU has focused their investigations on studying the effects of human activities on marine rocky communities. This multidisciplinary team, formed by phycologists and zoologists, has participated in numerous investigations to assess the health of coastal ecosystems.

Research lines

  1. Marine rocky benthos ecology (seaweeds and invertebrates).
  2. Environmental impact assessment (industrial and domestic pollution, oil spills, climate change, etc.).
  3. Recovery of benthic communities in polluted systems in response to the application of environmental quality restoration measures.
  4. Development of biological element indicators for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive.
  5. Development of methods for the optimisation of pollution assessment.
  6. Environmental monitoring.


  • Microscopes and binocular loupes.
  • Multi-parameter probe
  • PAR and UVA radiation sensors
  • Oceanographic bottle
  • Turbidimeter
  • Filter pump
  • Cameras with underwater housing
  • Complete diving equipment
  • Nissan terrano II
  • Zodiac

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