Courses taught in English 2019/20

Courses taught in English

The complete second year can be done in English and consists of the following courses, all of them of 6 ECTS credits:

First semester (Autumn):

There are also three electives during the first semester:


Second semester (Spring):


The final year project can also be done in English.

English Friendly Contents

These courses will be taught in their original language (generally Spanish and Basque in some cases) But lecturer will accept students that do not have high communication skills in these languages. They are willing to have tutorship sessions in English or correct exams or works answered in English.


English friendly contents Taught in
First year  
2nd semester


Metodología de la programación Spanish
Third year  
1st semester  
Servicios y aplicaciones en red Spanish/Basque
Modelos abstractos de cómputo Spanish
Diseño de bases de datos Spanish/Basque
Gráficos por computador Spanish
Minería de datos Spanish/Basque
Administración de sistemas y redes Spanish
Diseño y construcción de sistemas digitales Spanish
Interacción personal computador Spanish
2nd semester  
Gestión avanzada de información Spanish
Gestión de proyectos Spanish
Inteligencia artificial Spanish
Compilación Spanish
Tecnologías e infraestructuras de red Spanish
Fourth Year (electives)  
1st semester  
Diseño y proyectos de redes Spanish
Sistemas de gestión de seguridad de sistemas información Spanish
Robótica, sensores y actuadores Spanish
Métodos formales de desarrollo de software Spanish
Procesado digital de sonido e Imagen Spanish
Programación funcional Spanish
2nd semester  
Electrónica aplicada al tratamiento de datos Spanish