PhD Day - Description


The PhD Day is an event organized by and for PhD students that offers them a chance to present their research to a wide audience with a chemistry background. The event also gives newcomers the opportunity to take part in the poster session and share their work, as it is a great way to meet other PhD students and discuss their results in detail.

The PhD Day is hosted by the Faculty of Chemistry of San Sebastian and it serves as a link to bring together all the students from UPV/EHU, POLYMAT, DIPC, CFM, nanoGUNE, biomaGUNE, CIDETEC and TECNALIA, among others. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the wide variety of scientific fields within chemistry represented at the Faculty and to have fun sharing science.

The event will take place on April 19th 2024 in the Salon the Actos of the Faculty. We invite PhD students to immerse themselves in this one-day event, share their research and meet other students working at the Faculty and the Research Centers of the City!