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Participación en el proyecto europeo denominado European Network for knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning between actors and stakeholders of the horse sector to improve their resilience of equine farms (EUnetHorse) (2023-2026)

Fecha de primera publicación: 20/03/2023

Type of action: HORIZON-CSA
Proyect acronym: EUNetHorse
Duration: 2023-2026
Proyect title: EUropean Network for knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning between actors and stakeholders of the Horse sector to improve the resilience of equine farms
Activity: HORIZON-CL6-2022-GOVERNANCE-01-12
Number of partners: 14


The overall objective of EUNetHorse is to establish an active multi-stakeholder network in France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Poland, Finland, in order to increase the resilience and performance of their equine farms to face environmental, social, health, economic or political crises by widely disseminating practices, tools and solutions that improve (1) their resilience and socio-economic performance, (2) animal welfare and health on farms, and (3) the environmental sustainability of the sector. To achieve this, EUNetHorse will i) increase the flow of practical information between farmers in these 8 countries in a geographically balanced way and taking into account the differences between territories by structuring National-Horse AKISs in each country; ii) collect and assess grassroots solutions and practices; disseminate best practices and solutions on the three thematic areas mentioned aboved replying to specific needs; iii) achieve a greater user acceptance of the collected solutions and best practices through cross-fertilisation between all actors of the sector (horse breeders, advisors, trainers, technical experts, scientists, policy makers, sector representatives, etc. ) and all levels (local, regional, national and European) during exchange activities allowing peer-to-peer learning such as workshops, demonstration days, training and cross visits; iv) maintain the practical knowledge in the long term - beyond the project period - by sharing the full set of project results on the EUFarmbook platform accessible to all, by training advisors and trainers during the project on these topics, by setting up a sustainable network of trainers and advisors who can continue to train equine farmers and disseminate these solutions using the training kit made available through their activities with equine farmers.