Los ciclos Donostia Lectures

El grupo de investigación DREAM en colaboración con el master EMME organiza los ciclos Donostia Lectures



Dr. Sandie Mourão (CETAPS, Universidade Nova de Lisboa). Collaborative practices for an integrated foreign language experience.

Dr. Laura Portolés Falomir (Universitat Jaume I). “L3 teachers´ beliefs about multilingual education”. February



Dr. Mirjam Günther-van der Meij (University of Groningen). “L3 English Development and Multilingual Education in Fryslând”. May

Dr. Júlia LLompart (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). "Language brokering in multilingual educational milieus". October



Dr. Andrea Schalley (Karlstad University). "From top-down to bottom up: Perspectives of bilingualism in Australia". December

Dr. Marianne Turner (Monash University). "Oral production and formative assessment in a Japanese primary bilingual program in Australia". December

Dr. Agnieszka Otwinowska-Kasztelanic (University of Warsaw) "Benefitting from cognate vocabulary". October

Prof. Heidi Byrnes (Georgetown University) “Teaching Languages in the Age of Multilingualism, Multicompetence and Translanguaging: Wholesome Challenges and Difficult Choices”. May

Prof. Fred Genesee (McGill University). “Lost and found: The language development of Internationally-adopted children”. February



Prof. Angel Lin (The University of Hong Kong). “Analyzing content and language co-construction in CLIL classrooms with semantic waves”. November

Dr. Diane Boothe (Boise State University). “Language learning through problem-based learning and cross-disciplinary methodologies”. November

Dr. Kristi Jauregi Ondarra (Utrecht University) “Specific affordances of virtual worlds and serious games for language learning”. November

Dr. Karin van der Worp (UPV/EHU). "From bilingualism to multilingualism in the international workplace in the Basque Country". November 30

Dr. Igone Arteagoitia (Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington DC). “What does a linguist do in a non-profit organization?” Octobe

Dr. Maggie Bullen (UPV/EHU). "Spaces and non-places where languages meet: some anthropological approaches to linguistic diversity". May

Dr. Joana Duarte (University of Groningen). "Translanguaging in the context of multilingual education". March



Dr. Suzanne Romaine. "The pushmi-pullyu of Global English". December

Dr. Mari Mar Boillos (UPV/EHU). "Towards a description of Arabs' written communication effectiveness in Spanish". November

Stephen May y Katie Fitzpatrick (University of Auckland, New Zeeland). “Education in New Zealand: curriculum and language perspectives”. Apri

Dr. Danuta Gabrys-Barker (University of Silesia, Polonia). “On the evolving nature of trainee beliefs about teaching a foreign language”. March

Dr. Maria Pilar Safont-Jorda (Universidad Jaume I, Castellón). “Research on third language learners of English. From interlanguage to multilingual pragmatics”. 2016 March

Dr. Alastair Walker (Christian Albrechts University, Alemania). “Processes of linguistic socialisation in North Frisia”. January



Dr. Rhian Hodges (Bangor University, Gales). “Welsh language use in the community”. 12 November

Dr. Francis Hult (Lund University, Sweden). "The Globalization and Localization of English in Swedish Educational Policy". 22 October

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Otheguy (New York City University, US). “Observaciones empíricas y consideraciones teóricas en la crítica de los conceptos de espanglish y adquisición incompleta en el análisis del español en Nueva York”. 13 May

Dr. Ulrike Jessner (Universität Innsbruck, Austria). "The M (ultilingualism)- Factor". 8 January



Dr. Alastair Walker (Christian Albrecht University, Alemania). “Linguistic landscapes and the ethnocultural dimension in education. The case of North Frisian” 17 December

 Dr. Luk van Mensel (University of Namur, Bélgica). “Language labeles, language practices. A multiple case study of parents with children enrolled in Dutch-medium education in Brussels”. 20 November

Prof. Dr. Elin Haf Jones (Aberysthwyth University, Gales). “On Ieithoedd Byw: hizkuntza biziak eta bizitzeko hizkuntzak”. 20 November

Dr. Rhian Hodges (Bangor University, Gales). “Language planning in Wales”. 13 November

Dr. Nanna Hilton (University of Groningen, the Netherlands). “Linguistic and Social Influences on receptive Multilingualism: case studies from Scandinavia”. 27 May

Dr. Amma Maria Krulatz & Dr. Eivind Nessa Torgersen (Sør-Trøndelag University College, Norway). “Multilingual education trends and practices in Sør-Trøndelag public schools: An Exploratory study”. 8 May

Prof. Dr.Jeroen Darquennes (University of Namur, Belgium). “Who’s afraid of language conflict? On the relevance of language conflict as a topic in research on societal multilingualism and mulitilingual education”. 12 February