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A New Approach To Analysis Traffic Based On Multiprocessor Architectures

Igor Delgado García, Alfredo Beaumont, Jose Oscar Fajardo, Jose Luis Jodrá
Medio de publicación:
IADAT International Conference on Telecomunications and Computer Networks (IADAT-tcn2004). San Sebastián, Spain. December 1-3

<span lang="en">The current expansion of new services, which require high bandwidth rates, has enforced an increase of network throughput hindering network monitoring. Conventional network traffic analysis tools like tcpdump or ethereal were not designed to keep up with new rates so loss rates are very high. Consequently, we have developed a sensor that exploits multiprocessor features in order to reduce loss rates in high speed networks. Most network traffic analysis require communication among instances yielding synchronization troubles that must be solved. As the sensor splits traffic analysis loads among different processes, they will concurrently access to shared memory areas. Conventional synchronization mechanisms like semaphores are not a good approach because they harm sensor's performance highly. Hence, in this paper we introduce a number of mechanisms that improve the overall performance of the sensor as a result of an effective communication among instances.</span>