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Have you thought to come to San Sebastian as a mobility student?

The history of the Faculty of Chemistry of San Sebastian (Campus of Gipuzkoa) stretches back over thirty years during which time it has grown and flourished in various scientific research areas, highlighting polymers, organic chemistry, chemical engineering, physics or molecular design. Today, it is one of the leading centres of research in Spain, boasting a broad network of international relations.
Courses are taught in Spanish, Basque and a few of all courses are taught in English.
San SebastiĆ”n is a summer capital of Spain, ideally situated on an excellent spot on the Bay of Biscay. The city is surrounded by verdant mountains and boasts three of the best in-city beaches in Europe: Ondarreta, La Concha and Zurriola.  The last one stands out as one of the best beaches in Spain to surf. Donostia is quite small and cozy, featuring many fish restaurants, tons of pintxos bars (pintxos are like tapas) and a choice of clothing shops.
All of this combines to provide our students an outstanding academic environment.