Open houses

Like every year, the Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao is organizing open houses these days and COMPMECH research group is collaborating by explaining to future students what the study of mechanisms consist of and what future students will learn about them during their studies.

It is always a pleasure to meet future students and encourage them to join our University.


Talk on Collaborative Robots and their Applications

This morning, Fran Campa and Javier Corral have attended the talk Robots Colaborativos y sus aplicaciones (Collaborative Robots and their applications) organized by IK4-TEKNIKER, SCHUNK, SICK and UNIVERSAL ROBOTS. The talk has taken place in the morning of 9th March in the offices of IK4-TEKNIKER, in Eibar (Gipuzkoa, Spain).

It has been an interesting talk focussed on the different applications of collaborative robots, including also the exposition of several equipments.