Workshop on pneumatic actuators and robotic systems

On Monday 7th May of 2018, Prof. Valentin Ciupe and Prof. Dan Margineanu from the UPT (Politehnica University of Timișoara, Romania) will offer two workshops to the students of the Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao.  The workshops will be the following:


Monday 7th may from 9:30 to 11:00h:
Practical design aspects on pneumatic actuators and automation for industry and robotic systems
Prof. V. Ciupe (UPT)


Monday 7th may from 11.00 to 12:30h:
Use of gravity, friction and vibration to automatically deliver workpieces in robotic systems.
Prof. D. Margineanu (UPT)

Erasmus+ in Odessa (Ukraine)

Last week, from 18th to 22nd september 2017, Mónica Urízar and Saioa Herrero presented our work at the ONPU (Odessa National Polytechnic University)  in Ukraine. During their stay, they introduced both the Faculty of Engineering and COMPMECH Research Group to all the professors and students attending the sessions.

Besides, Mónica Urízar offered a theoretical and practical lesson about GIM Software. This was a very interesting opportunity for assistants to learn how to use the program and see all the possibilities it offers to be used in their classes and research. Finally, Saioa Herrero presented the work developed in her PhD Thesis about parallel manipulators. This was also an attractive presentation for the students, since some of them are starting their PhD in related topics. In all the sessions students and professors showed their interest on the topics and participated in a very active way. Thank you to all of them!


This stay is funded by the Organization of Erasmus+ for teaching abroad.