Name of the prototype: Scissors
Belonging to the projects: PARAMEC SAIOTEK 2013 (Government of the Basque Country), EHUA13/30 (Government of the Basque Country) & DYNAMECH (Spanish Government)


This is a 2 PRR parallel mechanism with XY planar motion capabilities. One of its legs is an articulated parallelogram, so the terminal element is a plate instead of a point. The prototype has three 700mm long bars made of aluminium 7075 with a total weight of 7.8kg.

tijera      tijera2

The following picture shows the workspace of the manipulator, with the useful workspace needed for a standard pick & place operation in orange.



All the manufacturing process has been done in the University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU.


All joints have ball bearings so there are no clearances and no friction.



Here you can see the prototype moving:

  • Movement demonstration:

  • Circular trajectory:

  • Sinusoidal trajectory along Y-axis: