Automatic Control Group


The Automatic Control group is pioneer in the field of control applications to marine energy systems in Spain, and in particular the OWC plant. Similarly there are very few other research groups dealing with plasma control in fusion reactors, which is one of the first steps in the fusion roadmap. In this sense, the group presents significant contributions to these research lines, with numerous publications in international journals (JCR) and several PhD theses. In addition, the group has established formal collaborative agreements with relevant institutions in the areas of application, namely with the Basque Energy Agency  -EVE- for the use of the marine energy  OWC-based pilot plant named NEREIDA and located in Mutriku (Bizkaia),  with the research center CICbioGUNE and with the CIEMAT National Fusion  Laboratory that servers as a bridge to access the TCV reactor of CRPP Lausanne under the umbrella of the  EURATOM.

Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao at the Basque Country University (UPV/EHU)

The Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao belongs to the Campus of Bizkaia of the UPV/EHU anr it is located in Bilbao city center. It has been training professionals in Engineering, both for the national and the international industry for many decades. Nowadays, there are almost 5.000 students in our undergraduate, Master and Doctoral programs in Engineering. Our school welcomes every year incoming students from European Universities (Erasmus Program), Brazil and Latin American Universities (Science without Borders, America Latina). In general, several exchange programs provide UPV/EHU with partners all over Europe, Canada, EE.UU, Latin America, Korea and Philippines. Besides, the educational offer at the UPV/EHU has been improved due to the integration within the European Higher Education Area and the consequent application of the Bologna treaty.